Water conservation grant program application instructions

Please review the program information and application instructions before completing the application. The project budget form must also be completed and submitted to MFID before an application is considered complete and ready for review by the board.  Sub menus under the Grant Program in the menu above will provide download options for the Applicaiton, Budget and Reimbursement forms as well as Application and Budget instructions  View the Application and Budget instructions online.

Program Information
The MFID Water Conservation Grant Program is designed to help landowners conserve water by upgrading their irrigation systems such as the conversion of hand lines to solid set micro systems. The intent is to conserve water. Project applications that prove the ability to conserve water will be eligible for funding. Each year the Board will determine if funding is appropriate and how much will be allocated to this program. If an application is awarded a grant, the District will match a land owner’s cash contribution up to $300 per acre on approved project costs. The maximum amount of MFID funding for any one project can be up to the full allocated amount for the project year. Projects must be completed in the same year they are approved for. The landowner is to complete the work on his/her own or by using contractors or outside assistance. After project completion, copies of the project receipts must be submitted along with a reimbursement request form. MFID will not be involved in the construction of any project, however; MFID staff will do a preliminary review to ensure compliance with the water rights and system capabilities. Landowners will be required to install a meter one irrigation season in advance of the project in order to capture pre and post water usage. Landowners must sign the application indicating an understanding of and acknowledging compliance of all terms outlined within the application. Approved projects will be funded on a first come basis. MFID reserves the right to offer a lesser amount of grant funds than the patron has requested to assist a higher number of patrons with projects.

The following items are requirements for eligibility of the Water Conservation Grant Program:
The property must be within MFID boundaries and the applicant must be a patron of the District.
Cost share required is a minimum of a 50% cash contribution. Donations of time, supplies or equipment from outside parties or other in-kind work and  equipment use are not considered as cost share for the purpose of this grant.
  Amount of funding requested cannot exceed $300 per acre or the total allocated amount for that year.
Projects must be completed in the year they are approved for.
MFID assessments must be paid and current.
Project inspections will include a preliminary review to determine program eligibility and conformity and a project completion inspection to confirm the project was completed as agreed to in the grant award contract. Inspections may also occur at MFID’s discretion during construction.
  •  Projects must be designed for and landowners must agree to stay within the water rights appurtenant to the land.
  Projects must be completed, including the installation of a flow meter and inspected before funds will be disbursed to the landowner.
  Applicants must sign the application thereby agreeing to all the terms and conditions outlined in the grant application/agreement.

Application Instructions:
All questions on the application must be answered. If additional space is required to answer any of the questions on the application, use a separate sheet of paper and label each response with the question you are responding to.

In order to assist you in the preparation of the application and site map, please contact MFID to request a water right map that will give you the basic information you will need to complete the application. The water right map will provide you with the water rights on your property.

Fill in today's date.

Grant Funds Requested:
Fill in the amount you are requesting from MFID.

Estimated Total Project Cost:
Fill in the total cost of the project, rounded to the nearest whole dollar. This total should include the minimum 50% required cost share.

Name of Project:
Give the project a name that helps define it. i.e. Dykstra TL 1234 – Block 1 Irrigation Improvement.

Project Location:
Physical Address: Provide the physical address of the property where the proposed project will be located. If there is no physical address, describe location to nearest street/intersection.
  Tax lot Number: (i.e. 1S 10E 07 3600)
  Acres this project affects: Provide the total number of acres that this project will affect.
  Number of Water Right Acres: Provide the total number of acres located on this property.

Are you current on your MFID assessment?
Check either yes or no. Your assessment must be current or paid in full. If there is an outstanding balance on your assessment, it must be paid according to MFID due dates.

Have you previously submitted an application to MFID through the Water Conservation Grant Program?
Check either yes or no. If you have previously submitted an application to MFID for funding of this project, or a similar project on the same property, check “Yes” and explain in the area provided. If you have not previously requested funding from MFID, check “No”. If additional space is required for the explanation, use a separate sheet of paper and label your response with the corresponding item on the application.

Have you previously or will you submit a funding application to another agency?
Check either yes or no. If you have previously submitted an application to another agency, such as the NRCS or OWEB for funding of this project check “Yes” and explain in the area provided. If you have not previously requested funding from another agency, check “No”.

Contact Information:
Landowner: Provide the landowner’s name(s) as recorded with HR county records and accessments. Complete the contact information for the landowner, including mailing address, daytime phone number, and email address. This section must be filled in, even if the landowner is not the applicant.
Agent/Representative (if not landowner): Provide the Agent/Representative’s name(s) if the applicant is not the landowner or if the landowner is a business or other entity. Complete the contact information for the agent, including mailing address, daytime phone number and email address.

Project Information:
Description of project: Describe the project in as much detail as possible. Include how many hand lines you will be eliminating and what type of irrigation system you are replacing it with.
 Attachments: You must include a site map using the provided “Site Plan” paper on page 3 of the application or other paper. Site map does not have to be to scale, but must be a reasonable likeness to the project area including identifying information such as structures, roads, property boundaries and project area. Attach project drawings/plans, and/or photos of the proposed project area if desired and as necessary to assist the grants review team during the evaluation process.

The landowner must sign and date the application. If the applicant is the landowner, only one signature is required on the Landowner line. If the applicant is not the landowner, the applicant must sign as the Agent/Representative and obtain the landowner’s signature(s) on the Landowner line(s). If the applicant is an agent or officer of the business, the applicant may sign either on the Landowner line or on the Agent/Representative line.

Program Contacts:
For technical and/or project related questions contact:
Craig DeHart Phone             541 352-6468    Email: craig@mfidp.com  
For a copy of a water rights map contact:
Ed Lavelle    Phone             541 352-6468    Email: edl@mfidp.com  

For application and/or budget related questions, contact:
Cheryl Moore   Phone             541 352-6468    Email: mfid@mfidp.com  

Submit completed applications including all attachments to:

Cheryl Moore
Middle Fork Irrigation District
PO Box 291
Parkdale, OR 97041

 Middle Fork Irrigation District,    8235 Clear Creek Rd.,    PO Box 291,     Parkdale, Oregon     97041   
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