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District Boundary

The Middle Fork Irrigation District (MFID) is located approximately thirteen miles south and two miles west of Hood River, Oregon. (The city of Hood River is located immediately south of the Columbia River approximately 65 miles east of Portland.) Middle Fork Irrigation District boundaries are the Middle Fork of the Hood River on the west and the East Fork of the Hood River on the east and north. On the south the watershed for the district extends onto the northern slopes of Mt. Hood and includes the Eliot, Langille and Coe Glaciers. The City of Parkdale, Oregon is located near the center of MFID irrigated lands. Locally the area is described as being in the Upper Hood River Valley.

MFID occupies a gently sloping to undulating area about 6 miles long (south to north) and about 1 ½ miles wide (west to east). 

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