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Irrigation Season

Irrigation season for the Hood River Valley runs from April 15 to September 30.  Irrigation users are allotted 5.6gpm per acre, and a total of 3 acre feet over the course of the irrigation season.

Assessments are sent out in early January each year and are due by March 31.  Late assessments will incur additional charges.  If you need to arrange a payment plan, please contact the District Office.

Digging Safely

Before you begin work, be sure to have utilities located! 

Call Before You Dig website

Online Locate Request Form

MFID Water Conservation Program

The MFID Water Conservation Grant Program is designed to help landowners conserve water by upgrading their irrigation systems, such as the conversion of hand lines to solid set micro systems. The intent is to conserve water. Each year the Board will determine if funding is appropriate and how much will be allocated to this program. If an application is awarded a grant, the District will match a landowner’s cash contribution up to $300 per acre on approved project costs. For more info, contact the District Office.

Irrigation Calculators

Watering Plants
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